What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a form of energy or vibrational medicine.

It is the intentional use of sound to clear and bring into harmony the physical and energy bodies.

There is Divine intelligence in every cell of the body. When a person receives the right input , or “medicine” that they need to come back into harmony, the intelligence within the body takes that medicine and knows what to do with it. Then healing can begin.

Sound has been utilized by indigenous cultures since ancient times, with the healers and shamans using drumming, chanting, and medicine songs. It is now being incorporated into the conventional medicine of our current times

Some of the techniques being use today in Sound Healing include:

  • Toning, which is the use of the voice in healing

  • Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and gongs

  • Therapeutic tuning forks

  • Therapeutic music


Laurie was introduced to vocal Sound Healing in 1986 and has been evolving the use of it with herself and in her work since that time. She makes vocal tones, often while doing energy work with her hands. The sounds can be single tones, a series of linked tones, a medicine song, or interdimensional sounds. This brilliant form of medicine supports other healing modalities being used in the treatment.
Laurie utilizes Sound Healing with individuals and groups.

People commonly report feeling more relaxed, a reduction or removal of pain, feeling their energy flowing more easily in their body, and more “connected” within themselves. Some people experience heightened states of consciousness, lending to feelings of expansiveness and peace.

Whatever one’s experience may be, sound can be a vital tool to assist in one’s healing, and awakening to an expanded reality.