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Easy Centering Technique: “Energy Hook-Up”

Place the middle finger of your right hand in your navel. Place the middle finger of your left hand between your eyebrows, right above the bridge of your nose.

Gently push into these points, at the same time directing the pressure upward.

Hold for 15-30 seconds, breathing slowly.

Often, there is a spontaneous sigh or deep breath as the two central meridians in the body connect.

(From "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden).


Calming and Grounding Technique

Place your hands next to each other over your sacrum, which is located just below the low back, at the top of the seat. Your pinky fingers should be touching each other. Gently hold this position for ~ one minute, or longer if desired, while breathing deeply without strain.

Figure 8's:

Imagine there is a "sideways" figure 8 ( an infinity symbol) in front of you. Slowly trace the figure 8 with your hands over and over, for 30-60 seconds. Eyes follow the hand movement.
This is calming and integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain.