Innovative Sound Medicine Services

Experience release of pain, ease of movement, calmness,
and a new relationship with your body.

Be Transformed.

  • Integrative physical therapy:
    Includes  neuro-muscular re-education, microcurrent stimulation, exercise instruction, cranial sacral therapy, client education in self care, relaxation techniques, qigong, energy medicine, sound healing. Laurie is gifted in holding specific energy points on the body, which allows for natural releasing of held patterns.

    Neuro-muscular based movements help to decrease pain and increase ease of  movement. They work with both the central nervous system and the muscles, so that the whole body is receiving new messages and new possibilities about how to move with greater ease and less strain, which means reduction in pain!

    Microcurrent Pulse Stimulation Therapy (MPS Therapy) is the stimulation of acupuncture, trigger and motor points with a low amplitude, direct current, which regulates the ANS ( autonomic nervous system). It is suggested that this type of current mimics human bio-cellular communication. It’s very effective in reducing acute and chronic pain; calming the nervous system, which is crucial for pain reduction; releasing scar tissue and neighboring tissues affected by scars, which reduces pain and allows much freer movement.

  • Wellness Education: Classes and presentations in wellness skills and self care: including energy medicine techniques, qigong, gentle movements to increase flexibility, facilitation in increased body awareness and relaxation techniques. Sound Healing from Laurie is also available. Classes and presentations are tailored to the group’s needs. Available for teenagers and adults.

  • Sound Healing: Transformative vocal sound healing for individuals and groups. Laurie has over 30 years of experience in vocal Sound Healing. She utilizes sound for opening, clearing, balancing and harmonizing energy in individuals and groups.


Sound Healing is one of the most effective, satisfying and natural healing modalities I have ever encountered and utilized. I love sharing it!


60 minute session: $92 (includes tax)

75 minute session: $114 ( includes tax)

90 minute session: $135 ( includes tax)

For group presentation rates, please contact Laurie at