Be Free of Pain

Move with Ease

Transform with Sound


Listen to Laurie’s Healing Voice


Laurie Letter PT is an integrative physical therapist and educator with 40 years experience in health care and healing.
She is highly skilled in bridging conventional and alternative, holistic medicine.

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Wellness Education

  • Individual sessions, classes and presentations.

  • Tailored to your needs.

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Integrative Physical Therapy

  • Be free of pain, move with ease, relax, heal.

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Sound Healing

  • Transformative vocal Sound Healing.

  • For individuals and groups.

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Laurie has a profound gift for healing at many levels, and she also has the gift of sharing it wherever she goes - through her practice, her wisdom, her teaching, and presence. Whether she does individual bodywork, or Sound Healing in group, her work is intuitive, cleansing, and powerful. When I put myself in her care, healing from some ache, injury, or too much work and not enough play, I know I am in good hands.
— Djohariah Toor LMFT